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What It Means To Be Alive

It’s new year’s day 2011 and what a week it has been. My dear friend and business partner went into the hospital just before Christmas and died a few days later… a sudden, unexpected departure. The moments are blurred and rushing by in the flurry of things to take care of, then there are moments when time stops. I think of my friend gone, and then of me still being here. What does it all mean?

Today I had this moment of total clarity of this gift of life, or what it means to live this human existence. We live on our little piece of turf, bumping into others, creating meaning and purpose and our model of internal integrity. This is the plane on which we learn and experience the highest and lowest states of existence, and then learn balance and love and contribution. The world awaits your contribution.

I don’t know if we can really know the greatness of life if we only think with our brain. Is there greater connection and comprehension that comes when we are pushed outside of our daily thoughts? There was this moment of clarity of the great gift of life and the great gift of death. Yes, death can be a gift too, with understanding.

As we get older, we must get used to loosing friends and family since we will all have our time to go. A great being once said that we live this life in order to die a good death. I think that just means that we live with integrity and find a way to be at peace with ourselves and with the world. So when we die, there is more happiness left behind than anything else, and we free ourselves from regret. We can value this time on earth and forget the limitations. We can live our own purpose and make our own contribution.

Susan, my friend, lived with great integrity. She was a poet and a social activist, giving her best to make the world a better place. And able to smile and be gentle even in the face of adversity. She left too much undone, but her greatest legacy will be all the people she touched with words and actions. I am so sad, but I am so lucky to have journeyed with her. I am still here, so that means she is still here too, with me in spirit. I hope this makes sense to you, and if you loose a loved one, you will let love expand beyond the grief.

Happy New Year 1/1/11 to my fellow beings still here with me. Let’s live this year with inner resolve to let go of restrictions and embrace possibilities.

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