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Neck and Back Pain From Desk Work

I’ve spent a lot of hours working at the computer lately. At first, no problem, but over a few days, the aches and pains start. Sitting for long periods at a keyboard usually mean bad posture… hunching over, neck forward, and often one shoulder down lower.

Here are the things you can do for relief from neck and back pain from desk work:

  • Take short breaks every hour. Much muscle strain is from holding one position too long. A little movement releases the tension.
  • Stretch at your desk. Stretch, yawn, reach for the skies, bend over, anything that feels good to stretch. You can really go for it and stand up to stretch!
  • Refresh your posture. Shoulders up and back. Neck back, chin down. Keep checking in on your posture.

All good reminders for me. That’s why I write about this stuff. OK, back to work!

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