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Down For The Count: Cold and Flu

Just as I was counting my blessings, I went down for the count with the creeping crud, starting with one nostril, into the sinuses, the head, the throat, the chest, etc… you get the picture. We have all been there. It is cold and flu season and air-borne illness can become really serious. Mine got worse at first,  then it took a week before I could breath easy again and stop sniffling and coughing. Oooo, that awful croop cough. I coughed so hard I threw my back out, so then getting out of bed and moving around became a problem. See what I mean about down for the count?

So I have two things to talk about here. First is a little primer on everything I know about fighting colds and flu without drugs, and second, what I did to get my back out of pain.

The best thing for colds and flu is to catch it early, at the first sign, when you kinda know you aren’t feeling too good, but don’t really feel sick yet. At this stage you can often ward it off with vitamin C and the herb echinachea. You can also reduce intake of acid-forming foods, most generally meat and dairy. And be sure to get some good rest.

If you miss this early stage as I did, then it is a different scenario. It will have to run it’s course, but you can shorten the course. The most important thing then is to take the herb elderberry, readily available in liquid cough syrups at the health food stores. This is what is in TamiFlu, but at a higher price.

If it goes into your chest, then you need an expectorant, and my favorite is to make fenugreek tea, an herb readily available in bulk since it is used in cooking. There are other expectorants too that are in cough syrups, either herbal or chemical.

Now onto the back pain issue. A nerve was pinched such that my leg was giving out unexpectedly, depending on position. Then it became inflammed and sore since I wasn’t doing anything about it. I finally realized I needed to take action.  I started by taking anti-inflammatory herbs. Then once I was no longer contagious, I went to my favorite chiropractor who greeted me with cheer and healing energy. I was still sore the next day, but the healing had begun and I started doing my stretches. That made a huge difference and within a few days the pain was totally gone.

I’m telling you, this combination of getting help when needed and following the self-help steps on really does work. Repeatedly, over and over again. It is a matter of taking responsibility for our own health.

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