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Back Pain Relief for Accident Victims

Neck or lower back pain after car whiplash? Reclaim your life! Sleep and move again without back pain.
Doctors and methods I used to stop the pain in my back after an automobile accident.


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7 Steps To Stop Back Pain:

1  Reduce Inflammation
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2  Improve Posture
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3  Stretch & Strengthen
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4  Reduce Stress
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5  Improve Sleep
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6  Get Help

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7  Self Help

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1. Reduce Inflammation
2. Improve Posture
3. Stretch & Strengthen
4. Reduce Stress
5. Improve Sleep
6. Get Help
7. Self Help

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A problem in the spine where  there is a lack in communication between the brain and nervous system causing a disturbance in the body.


(Sub - less than; lux - light; or luxation - dislocation)

spinal subluxation

Subluxations are misalignments that disturb

1) The Life Force

2) Communication

3) The automatic function of the nervous system, causing your overall health to decline whether or not symptoms are present.


The chiropractor's main purpose is to detect and correct those subluxations (misalignments), by improving normal positioning, movement, and function of the vertebrae.  This increases the positive communication between the brain and body, which allows for a healthier central nervous system.


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1 Reduce Inflammation

2 Improve Posture

3 Stretch & Strengthen

4 Reduce Stress

5 Improve Sleep

6 Get Help

7 Self Help