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Back Pain Relief for Accident Victims

Neck or lower back pain after car whiplash? Reclaim your life! Sleep and move again without back pain.
Doctors and methods I used to stop the pain in my back after an automobile accident.


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7 Steps To Stop Back Pain:

1  Reduce Inflammation
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2  Improve Posture
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3  Stretch & Strengthen
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4  Reduce Stress
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5  Improve Sleep
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6  Get Help

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7  Self Help

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1. Reduce Inflammation
2. Improve Posture
3. Stretch & Strengthen
4. Reduce Stress
5. Improve Sleep
6. Get Help
7. Self Help

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Improve Your Posture

posture stand up straight image Stand and Sit Up Straight

It's easy to let your posture go. The worst thing about being a couch potato is not just being lazy. It is the way we sit when we watch TV. It is common for the back to form a "C" shape with the neck pushed forward. This is not a good position to hold for a long time.

Likewise, when we stand, the shoulders should be up and back, not slumped forward. The head should be held high, with the chin slightly tucked. The tailbone is also slightly tucked to release the strain on the lower back.

The lower back is held in place by tightening the abdominal muscles, so pulling in the abdomin will help to relieve lower back pain. Longer term, these muscles can be strengthened by a variety of abdominal exercises. The way to improve posture is to know what good posture is, and to pay attention to what you are doing. Perfect Posture shows you with pictures and video how to achieve good posture in just a few minutes a day.

There are a variety of support products to help with posture, including The Back Joy for sitting, or Ergonomic Back Support for office or car trips. The Back-Pain Relief System teaches you how to fix your hip alignment easily and safely in the comfort of your home.

If you are in a lot of pain, there are several ways to decompress the spinal discs with good results. Since ancient times Inversion Therapy has used gravity to decompress the spine. An inflatable device called The Back Bubble easily allows your body to relax into positions that decompress the discs and stretches your muscles.

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1 Reduce Inflammation

2 Improve Posture

3 Stretch & Strengthen

4 Reduce Stress

5 Improve Sleep

6 Get Help

7 Self Help