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Back Pain Relief for Accident Victims

Neck or lower back pain after car whiplash? Reclaim your life! Sleep and move again without back pain.
Doctors and methods I used to stop the pain in my back after an automobile accident.


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7 Steps To Stop Back Pain:

1  Reduce Inflammation
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2  Improve Posture
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3  Stretch & Strengthen
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4  Reduce Stress
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5  Improve Sleep
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6  Get Help

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1. Reduce Inflammation
2. Improve Posture
3. Stretch & Strengthen
4. Reduce Stress
5. Improve Sleep
6. Get Help
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My Story: Stop My Back Pain!

When I was 27 I was driving to the lake after work, going about 50 mph, and someone pulled out in front of me with no warning. I smashed them broadside, spun around and landed in a ditch. I was so glad that I was not cut up and no one was visibly injured, but my car was totaled. I got a ride home, glad to be alive.

But the next day started a long painful journey, one that begins with severe whiplash that traumatizes the entire spine. I was in so much lower back pain I could not get out of bed. Although the whiplash happened to my neck and arms, it caused sciatica in my lower back too. It was so severe the doctors wanted to do surgery to fix the pain in my back. Pain killers were perscribed, and my life became about difficulty moving, difficulty sleeping, difficulty enjoying normal activities.

I was a bit of a health nut so I did not want to live on pain killers the rest of my life to manage the back pain. I began looking for anything that could help. I went to a chiropracter for the first time, and regular chiropractic care seemed to help. I studied nutrition and found things that helped. I started using yoga to stretch and relieve muscle spasms. I spent time researching and applying everything I could. After two years I reached a point where I did not have pain in my back every day.

Since then, I was in another car wreck, hit from behind while waiting to turn left. I also fell off a ladder and severely broke my right wrist. I developed a secondary pain condition called RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) that caused my entire right side to go out. Each of these events cause the return of the pain in my back and reinforced the intensity of my reseach for a way to fix my back pain.

Now, most nights I sleep well and most days I live without pain in my back. But I have to do things that support back health. It does not consume my life, but these things are necessary. Some days I wake up with pain in my back, and I have to be sure to start a routine to recover from the sciatica pain to keep it in control.

Why am I starting this website now? For several reasons. I have three friends who have undergone back surgery and ended up worse afterwards. To be fair, I have two friends who did micro surgery and resolved the back pain. Everyone needs to get advice and make their own decisions, but maybe I can help you make an educated decision. Rather than give all your power to a doctor, you can do your part to resolve the pain in your back.

There are many things that help with back pain, and my intent is to let you know what I have learned over all these years. I am now 60 years old, and I dance, garden, lift, and try to convince myself I am a sweet young thing. If I hurt, I take action so my back does not go into spasm. My plan here is to talk about things that can help you manage and eliminate back pain.

I now live a fairly normal, healthy life. That is my wish for you.


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1 Reduce Inflammation

2 Improve Posture

3 Stretch & Strengthen

4 Reduce Stress

5 Improve Sleep

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